July 29, 2012

white legs

Pardon our absence yesterday. Kim was preparing for Vegas, and I'm at the cottage with a laptop that didn't want to connect to my phone's 3G. But I'm back up and running, with some pics of an outfit I wore out the other evening to meet a girlfriend for drinks.
I'm devoting this week to evening out the weird tan I have going on. Even though I spend 90% of my time in shorts or dresses my legs are so much whiter then the rest of me. It looks weird, especially in pictures.

dress: AE
shoes: Aldo
ring: F21
bracelets: gifts 


  1. That dress is cute

  2. I know it's not my place to tell people what they should or shouldn't do, but as someone who recently lost her beloved partner to melanoma, I have to urge you to reconsider tanning.