July 17, 2012


I love trash magazines. Sometimes, when I'm grocery shopping without the kid, I'll choose the longest checkout line so I can get a few more minutes to peruse the latest issue of US weekly or Star. But lately they are getting pretty annoying. I don't give a hoot about whose marrying who, and whose divorcing who and who has the best or worst beach bod. I sure as heck don't care about the Real Housewives of wherever. All I want to see is clothes, jewelry and accessories worn by people with crazy cash, and stylists at their beck and call. Someone needs to make a trash mag like that.

tee: Zara (see it again here)
shorts: American Eagle
shoes: Aldo
necklace: Aldo
bracelets: Simons, and Birks
watch: Fossil

1 comment:

  1. i love those sandals, i need to get white jeans and a navy/white striped T like yours, and I would TOTALLY read that mag.