July 14, 2012

a thursday afternoon treat

Every day I walk by Beadworks (150 Gloucester St.) on my way to and/or from work and have been wanting to go in. I finally took a little break at lunch on Thursday with the twin sis and we walked over there. Beadworks (on FB here) is a social enterprise operated by Operation Come Home. OPC provides programs, supports and services to prevent homeless youth from becoming homeless adults. This store gives teens a creative outlet to design, craft and sell jewelry. The teen receives 75% of the sales of their creations and the remaining 25% goes back into Beadworks. LOVE THIS! And I noticed they take in unwanted jewelry and supplies so I think I'll be bringing my old stuff here instead of Value Village. So all you government employees downtown (like me) looking for something to do on your lunch breaks, head on over to Beadworks and treat yourself to some gorgeous jewelry, bags or artwork....and help someone in the process (and they even have an adorable pooch named Stella that I wanted to take home with me).

My sister and I picked up a few things each. Here is what I came home with:

A beautiful handmade necklace created by Robin, for $15.

Then I picked out a bracelet ($15) that is part of the Umuko Project - a non-profit that helps widowed survivors of the '94 Rwandan genocide. Each bead is made of recycled paper.

I noticed a rack of bags, and one caught my eye immediately. It was created by EcoEquitable, a Canadian charity that provides training through small scale textile recycling. My bag is SO COOL - it's made from old banners donated by the government. This becomes evident when you see the bottom of my bag. (It is large, and was $65).

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  1. i need to check this place out. i popped into ardene today and the place is garbage so i'll be heading here soon.