July 18, 2012

they were right

Whoever said long skirts aren't for short people was probably right. I look like a shrunken version of the already tiny 5' me. I've had this skirt in my closet for a year and haven't worn it yet so I felt the need to give it a whirl. I'm at a loss for what to wear on top (aside from a knotted tee) so pass on any suggestions if you've got em!

tee: H&M
skirt: Aritzia
sandals: Aldo
necklace: Mexico
bracelets: H&M


  1. The possiblities are endless with a maxi skirt. My go to look would be a chambray with lots of bold jewelry!

  2. I'm 5' tall also. Always wear heels and add a belt! Works for me. I love long skirts :)

  3. I think I'm with Jenn - a long unbuttoned shirt (kinda fitted ideally) would maybe help elongate your shortness. Yes, heels would help, although flats and a long skirt = COSY!