July 13, 2012

some stuff and things

I was off work today so went and got my hair did, and on the walk there I stopped in at Heavens to Betsy, as per usual. First up though, my hair. I had my highlights redone, and a trim and thinning (despite having more than half a shaved head, I still need it thinned out). Franco, who's been doing my hair for about 10 years now (or more?), decided to diffuse my hair and go the curly route. As a result I walked out with a fun afro.

Hallelujah I am blond again. So here is the stuff I picked up at Heavens to Betsy. The really big ring was $15 and is going to the twin sister. The bracelet was $10 and the grey flower ring was I think $35 (and is made here in Ottawa).


  1. Srsly heart the diffused do

    1. thanks!! i might try it tomorrow but it takes a bit more time under the blow dryer than if straight and it's so goddamn hot in my house I don't know if I can manage.