July 21, 2012

some purchases

I am heading to Vegas next weekend for a blogger thing (staying 4 days), so I've been trying to avoid shopping lately because it won't be difficult to spend a fortune in Vegas. But then I realized I am lacking in "nice" clothing for what I would need for this trip. So the twin sister and I headed to Zara on our lunch break Thursday. Turns out just about the entire store is on sale from 30-50% or so. I grabbed a few things....nothing over $50.

Yesterday on the walk home from work I detoured over to Holt Renfrew in the hopes of finding a dress, since I own like, 1. I tried on a few, including a gorgeous kelly green DVF one but they all looked like shit on me. Having the figure of a 12 year old boy (with big boobs) doesn't lend itself very well to dresses. I did find some AWESOME Rosegold platform sandals on sale for $99 that will be perfect for Vegas (my brown ones were on sale for $99 too dammit) and a Maison Scotch top I've been eyeballing for a while now - I love stripes and it's hard to tell in the photo but the stripes are a sort of salmon neon. !!!!


  1. Loving that mint blouse (Oh the possibilities). Great finds!

    1. Thx! I adore the mint blouse. Especially the studs on the collar (I love me some studs!).