July 10, 2012


The cottage has two mirrors, a small makeup mirror in the bathroom and an old distorted one in the hall that is hung at "normal people" height, meaning I can see only my head. Which is fine cause I don't really give a crap what I look like when up here.
Today, I put on this new Roxy dress from Simons with the hopes of getting rid of my tank top tan lines. Friends came to visit, and I thought I looked pretty in it. Then husband came home and snapped a pic. Only then did I realize this dress is not even remotely flattering. I guess I should have tried it on at home, in the presence of a full length mirror. On the other hand maybe it's best to not know, and spend the day feeling like I look awesome.


  1. we were blessed with rather large boobies. whatareyagonnado? it ain't so bad. but you look burnt. or that's just the joys of hipstamatic.

  2. I never burn so it's the joys of the vscocam you INSISTED I use.

    1. huh. ok. but it's better than hipstamatic so carry on!

  3. I think it's cute on you!