July 14, 2012

friday night dinner date

The hubby and I planned on going to a burger joint in our 'hood that we hadn't tried before...but it turned out to be jammed, so we went 2 doors down to try a pizza place for the first time and it too was booked for the night so we had to suck it up and go across the street to Back Lane Cafe, our favourite restaurant. They luckily had a spot at the bar for us (our preferred seating here). I might have dressed a bit nicer had I known we weren't going for burgers but whateareyagonnado? And the pained expression on my face in pic #2 is because it was 40 degrees in that room and I thought I was going to pass out from the heat. I could not take these pics fast enough! (Pics of the FAB food on my page of DTI when I get a chance tonight/tomorrow)

batwing shirt ~ All Saints {last seen here}
shorts (yes I am wearing shorts) ~ H&M
flats ~ Aldo (marked down even more!)
bag ~ Tory Burch - FEED via Holt Renfrew
right hand ~ bracelet from H&M or F21, new ring from Heavens to Betsy
left hand ~ little rings from allrelative, beaded bracelet from Beadworks, leather bracelet from Heavens to Betsy
(cat ~ Mimin)

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