July 25, 2012

date night

Last night was a much needed date night for me and husband. We haven't been out in what seems like ages since we're always at the cottage on the weekends. When my plans with my girlfriends fell through, my parents came to babysit and off we went for dinner and a movie. Only the movie part never happened. Even though we arrived at the theater 30 minutes before show time both Magic Mike (my first choice) and Dark Knight were sold out. So we were home by 7:30, but whatever...dinner is the best part anyway!

Reason # 38 why being this short often sucks...having to hem expensive jeans and ending up with this look. Makes me cringe.

tank: Zara
jeans: True Religion Stacey
necklace: ?
earrings: Magpie
bangles: Urban Behavior
shoes: JoeFresh


  1. If you bring them to a taylor you can ask for a European hem. We did this for some of my husband's jeans and they came out looking like they had the original hem. Not sure if all taylor's offer this but it's worth a shot!

  2. Replies
    1. My tailor was closed so I brought them to the place at the mall...and assumed they would do the euro hem like my usual lady does. Bad on me for assuming.

    2. they don't look that bad