June 6, 2012

ummm summer?

It didn't feel like summer this morning when I got dressed, hence the scarf. It's still chilly but if I sit real still in the sun I can almost pretend summer didn't disappear. So I'm about to hit the deck with a book (and maybe a beer) and make the most of nap time. I really love my "job", and good thing my boss doesn't mind if I forget to brush my hair!

On Jen: 
H&M tee (see it again here) and scarf, Zara jeans, red TOMS, Guess watch, and bracelet from Mexico

On Gianna:
Old Navy sweatshirt, JoeFresh tee, Zara leggings, baby TOMS


  1. SO GLAD you're finally making G a regular on here and getting yourselves dolled up in matching outfits. Even if you're both wearing those gawd-awful TOMS.

  2. it's fun! and she is too cute to not share!