June 1, 2012

this weeks purchases

I had fully intended on spending a couple hours shopping before my dinner date with friends the other night. Traffic was awful and it took me about an hour to make it downtown (normally a 10 minute drive). So I had only a few moments to power shop for some things so here's what I scored.

Urban Behavior (my laptop says the sites forbidden?) had these flip flops on the front rack for $13 so I couldn't resist. Finally, an alternative to Old Navy plastic! The bracelets ($7 per set) were hanging by the cash and suckered me in as intended.

I had a gift card from MAC, and needed to restock on foundation.

I shouldn't have bothered with the MAC stuff, as I met up with a friend and we headed to Sephora. Her friend is a NARS rep and introduced her to some pretty amazing tinted moisturizer. One look at her radiant skin, and I wanted to give it a try. I have never spent that much on a makeup product, but I wore it yesterday, and lemme tell ya, this stuff is magic! I told the salesperson that I wanted a peach lipstick, and after trying a few on she came back with a Dior lip balm and it was exactly what I was looking for. I'm thinking I'll be cheating on MAC more often.

I wanted to quickly check out Aritzia  as I hadn't been there in a while. I grabbed a very comfy tank ($50), and a denim shirt ($95) that they had just received in stock. It's intended to be short on a person of average height, which made it the perfect "normal" length on me. I can't find either item on their site.


  1. i blogged about the magic of that NARS tinted moisturizer recently NERD. :-) definitively my new fav foundation.
    diggin' the denim shirt. can never have too many of those. a definite necessity in everyone's closet.

    1. I guess I should start reading your posts! jk!!
      I was wondering if it was the same one but you usually go for heavier makeup so I dismissed the thought.

    2. i am newly converted. never again will i go the cakey route.

  2. I swear by that Dior lip balm! Love the blog.



  3. I will soon be done my MAC foundation and might convert to NARS as well. Love their bronzer and blush.

  4. that nars tinted moisturizer is pretty fantastic.