June 22, 2012

summer heat

And so the heat wave continues for another day. G and I went out for a walk at 7:30 this morning and we had to quickly turn back as I didn't put any sunscreen on her (cause it's 7:30 and since when can you get a burn that early???). Despite the time, I could feel my arms burning up and we were both sweating after only a few minutes. I won't be complaining tomorrow when we're sitting lake side. It should be quite the party up at the cottage as Monday is Quebec's biggest holiday of the year. So bring on the boat parties, fireworks, and a good old day drunk.

(Umm why does my black bra look white? Not sure what's going on there.)

shirt: H&M
shorts: JoeFresh
shoes: Aldo
bracelets: H&M and from Mexico
necklace: Mango and now on sale for $7!

3 of you said something:

  1. love the shorts and top!

  2. so sweeeeet!
    great blog!


  3. Wonder if Mango in Poland sells this beautiful necklace - I have to check ;) I realy love it!