June 2, 2012

a sort of random post

All I did today was run around doing errands and shopping for hours and while I did manage to get a few photos on my phone of my boring outfit, they turned out really crappy so you're not going to see those. And all I bought while shopping were 4 bras at La Senza (holy sh*t bras are expensive - $138 and 2 of them were half price!) and some chemises/slips because I have next to nothing to sleep in during the warm summer months. So you're not going to see those either (although I debated it because the bras are really cool patterns/colours and the chemises are pretty cute). Ok, maybe I'll shoot them tomorrow. Anyway, I figured I'd blog about something I'm going to be doing in the hopefully very near future - my next tattoo. I have 4 so far, a tiger cub on my thigh (I was 18 - and that took me a year to pick out LOL), a starburst type design on my right shoulder blade, a small sunflower on my left ankle and my Nonna tribute tattoo on my right wrist (find photos of them here). My twin mentioned a few weeks ago that our co-worker was interested in getting a tattoo and that the 3 of us should go get one together. I've been itching to get another one so I figured WHY NOT. I did some research and lots of thinking and couldn't come up with anything meaningful. So I decided to just get something graphic that will hopefully be kind of cool to look at. I did some more research and came up with the idea to get 3 chevrons on my left lower arm - not quite on my wrist because then they will be hidden by a watch/bracelets so a bit higher up. I was inspired by a similar tattoo on Vanessa of the blog The Haute Pursuit.

So imagine 3 chevrons, a bit higher on her arm, and a little bit thicker. Hers looks too much like someone took a Sharpie to her. I suppose I should have just drawn them on me and snapped a photo. LOL
Curious to know what you all think. :-) 

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  1. I don't think you should go too far from the wrist...might look lost on your arm. I do get your point about having it covered by bracelets but I wouldn't worry about that too much.