June 7, 2012

city employees

I'd like to thank the City of Ottawa workers for finally coming to fix the massive holes in the ground on the path behind my house. I would like to specifically thank the two city workers for the riveting morning conversation surrounding the possibility that one of you may have contracted herpes from one of your past conquests. I call bullshit on the part where you said you've been tested 10 times in the last few months. And may I suggest you wear a friggin' condom...it's not that big a deal. And perhaps choose a more appropriate setting for these conversations...you never know who's drinking a morning coffee in their backyard. Losers.

Since Kim was so thrilled that I'd posted a few pics of Gia, I thought I'd try to keep it up. She is quite adorable, and well dressed if I may say so myself!

On me:
Jacob sweater & shorts, snake skin flats from Veronaearrings from Simons, necklace & ring from F21, bracelet from Mexico

On Gianna:
H&M tank and pants, Old Navy flip flops, JoeFresh hat


  1. i would have died laughing at that convo

    and AS IF you got her wearing flip flops! SO CUTE!!!

    and your outfit is cool. i love all neutral.

  2. Seems you may have been slightly intrigued by the conversation - you listened to and retained every detail.

  3. Tiny plump feet pictures! I demand it every day!