May 6, 2012

some purchases

I made some not so exciting purchases this past week that I thought I would share with you all anyway. As much as I'd love to spend all the money I make on cool clothes and shoes and bags, sometimes I need to pay bills, take 5 cats to the vet for dental work (GASP), get groceries and other essentials. My purchases this week can be sort of considered essentials.  First up, 3 items I picked up at Murale the other day when I went looking for blush FOR MY TWIN SISTER. (Why is it I can never exit a store sans purchase?) I am not very fond of the MAC foundation I've been using the last year or so. It's too thick. Goes on kind of cakey, even right after moisturizing. I never get it blended enough as Julia kindly points out every morning as she's about to take my outfit shots. This super nice and knowledgeable guy working there pointed out that NARS has a new "pure radiant tinted moisturizer" that is awesome. It's got vitamin E in it, is SPF 20, and all sorts of other good stuff. Foundation that literally goes on as easily as a moisturizer. He put it on one side of my face along with some concealer where needed and I audibly gasped when I looked in the mirror. HALLELUJAH! I also found a really cool eyeshadow combo by L'Oreal.

{NARS tinted moisturizer in Alaska Light2, NARS concealer in Light3 Honey, L'Oreal Paris bright eyeshadow duo in Riotous}

My other purchases have to do with the fact that I walk to work every day. I've mentioned this here before, that I wear "walking clothes" to and from work and pack my work clothes in my backpack. My summer attire for walking is very limited, as 2 of my cropped sporty pants are too tight on the waist (UGH) and I have 2 pair of shorts - 1 that looks like they're about to fall apart and the other are a tad too short (but good for 35 degree says when I don't give a sh*t who's looking). While waiting for my dentist appointment the other day I went to Sport Chek and picked up a pair of shorts and 2 pairs of cropped pants. I think I should have bought a pair of long pants (all I have is a pair from Jacob Annex that are about 7 years old now) and some tanks. Oh well. Save that excitement for another trip.

Boring Columbia shorts. On sale for $20.

These cropped sweat pants are HOT. Seriously. These have a sort of slick coating to them so NO CAT FUR WILL EMBED IN THE FABRIC! I should have bought 8 of these. I am so tired of being covered in cat fur. These are obviously by Adidas. On sale for $35 I think.

Merrell cropped pants/long shorts/whatever. Not too exciting but look a bit better on than all frumpy on the hanger. I think these were about $35 too (on sale).

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