May 4, 2012

a shout out to simons

I ordered some stuff from Simons a while back and forgot to post about it. Lemme just say that this might have been the best online shopping experience of all time. Their website is easy to use and well laid out. The order was delivered 2 days after I placed it, and I didn't even have to pay for shipping. It arrived in a nice box, as opposed to the dirty courier bag I usually receive from other companies. The clothes were carefully folded and wrapped in tissue, and the receipt was placed on top in a sealed envelope. Sadly, a few of the items (this and this) did not fit, so I returned them on my last trip to Montreal, no questions asked. Had I not been in Montreal to do the return in store, they offer free returns via courier. I will most definitely order from Simons again.

feather neck tee
lost feather sweater

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