May 8, 2012

repurposed bags

I've been sitting around all day waiting for a repairman to show up to fix my bathroom. So I haven't showered, and haven't bothered with real clothes. Seems to be the theme of the week.
Anyway, in lieu of an outfit post, I bring you some interesting repurposed bags.

My husband sent me this link from Gizmodo to a Hammerhead Industries bag created from cotton, canvas, salvaged motorcycle leather bag and parachute hardware. How cool is that?!

This repurposed Tony Burch + Feed bag from Holt Renfrew supports some great causes, and looks pretty fun too.

This side bag from MCMANUS tribute collection is made entirely from WWII military canvas. But at $250 it ain't cheap.

I love anything made from a grain sack, including this vintage french sack from Sublime Surprises via Etsy.

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