May 16, 2012

personal space

I consider myself a pretty friendly person, and I do not mind talking to strangers, or sitting beside them on a park bench. In my line of work, all I did was deal with people. But when I'm in the EMPTY food court at the mall feeding my child lunch, and a large group of children and their caregivers come and sit right beside me I feel like my personal space is being invaded. We were at a table for 4, so two of them sat down, and another 4 or so surrounded the table and started talking, loudly, in a different language. Not that that matters, but it made it that much more distracting. Then their food arrived so they started to eat. At my table. And then they had the audacity to give me the stink eye when I asked one of them to move so I could get out of the booth they cornered me in. Not nice. 

tank: Gap
pants: H&M...bought them in MTL two trips ago and just remembered they were sitting at the tailors waiting for me to pick em up!
shoes: Globo
bracelets: blue beaded cuff is from Mexico, wood & ivory are from Italy, coral beaded bracelet from Mango 

1 comment:

  1. you should have punched the adults in the face.