May 14, 2012

new shoes!!

Aldo is having a big sale on all their shoes and because they ship from Canada for FREE and fast via UPS, I am all about ordering from them and saving myself a trip to the mall as it's like, one of the only shoe stores in Ottawa. When I heard about this sale the sisters and I quickly perused the site and picked out some shoes. Jen can show you the pair she got when I give them to her (they were too cheap to be shipped free so I added them to my order), and here are 2 of the 3 pairs I picked out - the 3rd will likely arrive tomorrow. The pumps might be too small tho'. :(

Nealey - $60 on sale for $29.99 
Caradonna - $80 on sale for $41.24


  1. Love both pairs, but the first pair especially. Great colours.

  2. thanks! i wore the first ones today to work. they're AWESOME! (pics to come when I get back from the vets)