May 4, 2012

Latest bag obsession

I have a new bag obsession folks. Not that any of my previous bag obsessions have waned at all mind you. I am falling in love with See by Chloe bags. And you'll be happy to note they are not ridiculously expensive. Only expensive enough to stop me from hitting a purchase button as soon as I finish this post. They seem to be in the $300-$700 range. Much more reasonable than a Balenciaga. Here are some that have me drooling just a tad. ;)

Twirl leather shoulder bag via Net-a-Porter
Twirl leather and canvas shoulder bag via Net-a-Porter
Poya metallic leather doctor bag via Net-a-Porter
Patent-leather satchel via Net-a-Porter 
Poya doctor satchel in Iceberg via 
Poya doctor satchel in black via 
Nude patent tote via Farfetch
Pink leather shoulder bag via Farfetch 
Cherry crossbody bag via Neiman Marcus
Poya Vintage - Large' Metallic Leather Satchel via Nordstrom
Poya Vintage - Large' Leather Satchel via Nordstrom
'Poya Metallic Vintage' Leather Shoulder Bag via Nordstrom
Poya Patent Satchel via Nordstrom

1 comment:

  1. I AM DYING TO HAVE THAT BLACK POYA PATENT SATCHEL !!! I've waited a year to get it, but just my luck it's out of stock... I think I can only get it in France.. Seriously? It's already expensive enough...