May 22, 2012

i'm back

There are only two good things about coming home from the cottage.
First, I get to shower in a real shower, not a tiny stand up shower where lifting your arms to wash your hair means bumping elbows on the wall. And shaving in the shower involves turning the water off as to not rinse away the shaving cream, while attempting to bend over enough to reach your legs all the while ensuring your arse doesn't hit the shower door, knocking it open. As soon as the lake is warm enough, we buy all natural soap and shampoo and bathe in the lake at night. It's awesome. But until then coming home to shower is bliss.
Second, being home means my body gets a break from being the feeding ground for black flies, mosquitoes and annoying bibits. I can spend a few days free from the stench of Deep Woods Off.
Having said that, I'm starting the four day countdown to next weekend.

tee: American Eagle
jeans: Zara
shoes: American Eagle
belt: Smart Set
necklace: Mango
watch: Fossil
earrings: Magpie


  1. Love those jeans! (don't I have the same ones??)