May 31, 2012

getting dressed

The battle in my head of should I or shouldn't I seems to happen often. I wonder most days what the point is in "getting dressed" vs remaining in lounge clothes. Then I suck it up, and do it, and instantly feel better.  There is such power for me in looking good, and being put together. I know I am by no means dressed up, or on most days even dressed that interestingly. But I feel more confident, happier, and possess a sense of purpose when I wear "real clothes".  I in no way do it to have content for this silly little blog, but the blog is the push I need on the days where I have no set plans. But if I don't get dressed, we don't go out. And I love to see G marvel in the world around her and do not want her spending her days indoors.
So today I feel good, and am ready for whatever adventures we embark on throughout this no plans day.

sweater: Jacob
tank: Simons
jeans: Gap
shoes: Ardene
watch: Fossil
necklace: a gift my Mom got in Mexico

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  1. :-)
    at least you can look cute while going nowhere!