May 7, 2012

etsy jewelry

I don't have outfit photos today because I left my camera at work to bring home another one (long story) and forgot to take the memory card out of it. So instead I give you some Etsy jewelry I'm craving right now.

Just one Ivory Pearl Linen Necklace via Cynamonn 
Sterling Silver Corset Ring via allrelative
Chunky Paisley Sterling Silver Spinner Ring with 14k Rose Gold and 10k Yellow Gold Hammered Spinners via  janiceartjewelry 
Brass Spiked Cuff Narrow via solderandpunch
Stunning Princess Crystal Tear Drop Bib with Neon Cord Necklace via rockspapermetal
2 Floating Heart Stacking Rings via allrelative
Neon Green Thread Wrapped Statement Bib Necklace via theglossyqueen 
Peter Pan Chain Collar Bib Necklace in Gun Metal via francisfrank

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