May 23, 2012

au naturel

My husband is home today as the power was scheduled to be off in his building so our short week just got shorter! It's gorgeous and sunny so as soon as Gia is up from her nap we're going out to buy her some new shoes (these ones if you're curious), then heading to my parents to enjoy an afternoon by their pool. These plans mean a simple outfit, day 3 hair, no makeup, a beach bag, and flip flops. Gotta love $3 Old Navy flip flops. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you have at least one pair too!

tee: Gap
shorts: Garage
belt: Smart Set
bag: Costa Blanca
sunglasses: Boathouse
bracelets: Forever21
flip flops: Old Navy


  1. i think i am one of the extreme few without a pair of the cheapy flip-flops. my feet are allergic to the cheapy rubber.

  2. Love how the cat is "hiding" behind your cute!