May 9, 2012

ass kicking

I HAVE REAL CLOTHES ON. And I showered! It's a small accomplishment but to me it's this weeks equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest. Sunday and each day since, has managed to kick my ass, and throw more punches my way then I'm built to handle. The shit is still piling up, but I think my attitude has changed and I'm in a better place to deal with it all. I even made it through Gia's vaccinations this morning without crying, despite the look in her gorgeous brown eyes that said "Mama why are you holding me down and letting this lady poke me with big scary needles? Why Mama, why?". 

sweater: Gap (see it again here)
jeans: Mango (wore them last here)
shoes: H&M
jewelry: acorn necklace from Mango, watch from Fossil, earrings from Magpie

2 of you said something:

  1. i f*cking hate those shoes. they tore a chunk out of the back of my ankle yesterday and i suffered all day today for it cause i forgot to cover it with a band-aid.
    love that you 2 match.

  2. i only wore them to a friends place so didn't have them on long. can't really expect much from $14 shoes. they sell little pads everywhere to help with that (i got some at verona for $3)