April 10, 2012


I typically find my entries for my WTF posts on Farfetch because they sell designer items and as we all know, there are many whack designers out there charging a fortune for ridiculousness. BUT.....today I thought I'd feature some WTF items from a shop I typically enjoy perusing for great every day items at fairly inexpensive prices - Topshop. At least these are WTF pieces without WTF price points.

GROSS. I bet Dolly Parton would love this. And it's polyester too! (Find it here)

The return of Miami Vice. I don't even know what in the hell you would wear with these. White sunglasses and a blazer with shoulder pads perhaps. (Find them here)

Wow - tapered trousers with leopard and pastel smudges all over. Everything about that last sentence is a complete disaster. (Find them here)

The frumpiest, most gawd-awful dress I have ever seen. It's even called a smock dress. An apron in dress form. This is how women stay single. (Find it here)

I had really hoped Tevas died in the 90s or whenever the hell they were around. Nope, seems like they're back...and covered in glitter to boot! (like that's going to make them any less nasty) (Find them here)

The worst jacket I have ever seen. This hurts my eyes. I think a clown threw up on this. And oddly enough it's pretty expensive for Topshop standards at $400. There were matching shorts but I can't find them on the website anymore. Now there's a complete disaster of an outfit! (Find it here)

I am going to have nightmares for the next week after finding this one. (Find it here)

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  1. Looks like the 80's threw up on those tapered harem pants!

    The sad part is, I can easily see some of these being worn. ... Except for the tapered pants and the sequin clown jacket. I think the designer was having a laugh at the store and exercising their sales and BSing skills that fateful day.