April 23, 2012

what i scored in mtl

5 hours of shopping, 3 stores, and way too many shirts. I cannot believe we drive for almost 2 hours to hit up 3 stores. Its madness, but we love it.

Up first...H&M. Their website is down and I don't feel like waiting for it to be up again, so I can't link my items. I also threw out the receipt as to not be reminded how much I spent, and can't recall the exact prices. I do know the most expensive item was the lace blouse, at $30. H&M, you are awesome.

I could have bought one of everything at Mango, but we went after H&M and I was trying to be good. The prices are very reasonable and the clothes are amazing, so I'm thinking this store will be the first stop on my next trip. The fit of these jeans are perfect for me, which I'm thankful for as the price tag read 39.95 but I failed to see the Euro sign until I was wondering why my total was double what I expected after I paid and had left the store.

lace cardigan
bead bracelet
long acorn necklace
And lastly, I picked up a couple necklaces at Aldo while my sisters were looking at shoes. 


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  1. sigh.. I'm so homesick for montreal..
    Other than that, I'm also envious of your shopping spree ! Love that H&M tank with the faces !
    Shubana @ Coeur Decors