April 26, 2012

splish splash

It's almost time for bathing suit season. I won't bother with a rant about how much I loathe my breasts/stomach/thighs, and instead go with KMN.
Last year I had two bathing suits that I'd rotate throughout the day. Wearing a wet bathing suit is such a revolting feeling, so I'd change after a swim and let the one I was wearing dry out. I'd like a few more for this summer so I started an online hunt for some options.
Requirements: must be a one piece, must not be low cut, and must not be super expensive. Tankinis are out too as the feeling of the loose material on my stomach grosses me out in a bizarre way. I quickly realized that it's easy to find a cheap and nice bikini, but the same cannot be said for a one piece. Bathing suit shopping sucks on so many levels.


  1. I love the red gingham one

  2. hi jen! i'm in love with one piece swimwear and i usually find super high end ones for a steal on ebay - i only search "new with tags" but there's usually a plethora of those:) happy hunting!

  3. great idea vanessa! i'll definitely take a look.