April 25, 2012

scores from yesterday

I left work early yesterday to spend a bit of time with my inlaws before they left to finish off their road trip. We went over to the Byward Market and in between bizarre bouts of pouring rain, hail and sunshine I managed to get yet more shopping done. First stop was Wolf & Zed, where I picked up a pair of gorgeous (if I may say so) Rosegold wedges.

After walking through some of the cheesy shops in the main building we then we ran through the rain to Urban Outfitters where I picked up the following (I must add that the jacket is SO SOFT and was on sale for $40!).

Last but not least, I have to show you the adorable scarves my MIL made me (and she made one for each of my sisters and my mom). I picked out the yarn for all of them - very cool colours. Too bad I didn't snap pics of all of them. (My MIL cracked up when we found these exact scarves in the market for $50 - $60 each).


  1. These all rock! Loving the Chartreuse sweater. Kim, I really admire the way you embrace colour head-on and boldly mix and match where no one has mix and matched before! (And to much success!!) total kudos to you.