April 4, 2012


We had a pyjama party at a friends house this morning so obviously there's no outfit post today.  Instead I thought I'd share some of the amazing presents my parents brought back from Mexico for Gia and I.

For me:
An awesome Levi's sweatshirt (same as the one Kim was wearing yesterday).
From Sfera, a blue cardi and an awesome necklace. It looks heavy but is actually really light and I'm happy to have a new piece of chunky jewellry.
I'm not sure where they found the leather bracelet; all 3 of us sisters got matching ones.

For Gia: 
An adorable bracelet from Filipe, the beach vendor who we've been buying from for 12 years. It has removable links so it should fit her for a while. I'm not sure where they found the wool sweater, but it is so thick and soft and will be perfect for cool mornings at the cottage.

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