April 25, 2012

online shopping fail

I know that after Montreal I probably shouldn't be buying anything, but I only bought one pair of pants, and I'm in need so when I saw that the Gap was having a 30% on Monday I ordered a few pairs of jeans. The most horrible fitting jeans ever arrived today and I just had to share with you. But first, check this link to the Gap site to see how they look on the model. I'm not a big girl, and I ordered a size 4. Maybe had I ordered a 0 they would look like they do on the model. I forgot to roll them up, but trust me, that wouldn't have helped.

The best part, these are called "Sexy Boyfriend" jeans.

Next up were these. I looked at the picture of them, and didn't notice the color nor the description that read "slightly rosy hue". Slightly is an understatement, and my pics don't properly convey the very pink hue that makes it look like the jeans were washed in a load of nothing but red. Strike two.


  1. Maybe they are called the 'sexy boyfriend' jean because they'd look better on a boyfriend. Yeah, they certainly seem a few sizes too large!

  2. Yeeaahh.... Both of these are no good on little old you! Your normal jeans are MUCH cuter :)

  3. Even your baby is horrified by them!