April 9, 2012

new necklace

The other day I was looking around eBay and Etsy for some funky vintage modernist jewelry and I came across this necklace on eBay that I was determined to win. Of course, bidding at the last 5 seconds helped and it became mine. The seller, twigsntwine, is conveniently located here in Ontario so my necklace arrived within a few days and did not cost a zillion bucks on shipping (total incl. shipping was about $30). My husband shortened the chain a bit for me, and the pendant is 2.5" x 2.5". It's marked TINN-PER-NORWAY. I wore it yesterday and I freaking LOVE it. It's unusual and big enough to be make a statement. (I tried this new PS action that is supposed to smooth out skin but it looks like hell. Never using that again for closeups).

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