April 25, 2012

montreal scores

I, like Jen, am a huge fan of H&M. Their prices cannot be beat. And the quality isn't bad so there's not much to complain about. One day an H&M will finally open here and we won't have a reason to go all the way to Montreal anymore - except to hit the bars/restaurants and home decor shops. (I'm not going to bother trying to link to anything because their site has limited selection).

I think I'm missing something (says my receipt) so if that's true I'll find it eventually. And to note, the little pouch/purse had a shoulder strap that wasn't removable so I just cut it off. It will work WAY better as a clutch.
And here's what I picked up at Mango, whose sizing is really odd I might add.

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jen@closetrivalry said...

the brownish shoes...i didn't see them and they were on my to buy list:-(