April 13, 2012

moccasin drama

I finally got around to making a decision on a spring bag. I went with the orange one from Little Burgundy. While looking around the site, I decided to order a pair of Minnetonka Moccasin's. They are going to be perfect  for the cold mornings and evenings up at the cottage. I really wish more people would write reviews on products, or that stores would encourage customers to do so by way of a discount on their next purchase. Had there been reviews, I would have known to order a size down, but instead arrived a pair of 7's that are massive. So I ordered a size 6, and Kim was kind enough to pick out a scarf she wanted so I'd get free shipping. So the 6 arrived, and I was completely disgusted because they'd been worn. They have fur inside, and the fur was formed and dirty from someones nasty feet. I hate feet. Anyway, I called the company, and the girl wasn't surprised, nor apologetic. She did place an order for another pair, with free shipping and 15% off. But now I'm stuck with two friggin' pairs of moccasins, and return shipping labels for UPS. Now I'm off to figure out  how to arrange shipping. So very annoying.
(Also, two weeks later, Kim's scarf hadn't arrived so I cancelled it. I'm not likely to be ordering from Little Burgundy again)


  1. THAT IS SO GROSS! I would be so upset. Sorry about that :( Hopefully the shoes are so awesome it erases all memories of bad experiences :)

  2. uggghhhh! just reading your post made me mad at the lack of customer service. sure mistakes happen-i get that- but the way they handled it is just dismal. i will NEVER shop from them after your experience. gross and annoying:(

  3. luckily the bag is awesome

    i have a strange feeling that a pair of shoes I had ordered from them in the past showed up looking kind of worn too. (was just noticeable on the bottoms).