April 12, 2012

i'm not this big

Nothing can add 10 pounds quite like this sweater. Maybe that's why I've worn it exactly twice all winter (the other time here). I think it'll be making its way to the give away pile. And this folks, is why I buy cheap clothes. I get bored, or decide I don't like it, or get stains on it etc etc etc.

Gia wanted in on today's photo shoot action. Isn't she just the cutest! It's hard to get decent pics of the lil one as she's always running for the camera and yelling "cheese".

On Jen:
sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Gap
shoes: Aldo
all jewelry: Forever 21

On Gia:
Shirt & Jeans: JoeFresh
Shoes: Stride Rite via Kiddy Kobbler


  1. gia is too funny. you need to put your camera on the action setting to get a decent shot of her.
    you get rid of that sweater and i'll get rid of yesterday's blazer (NOT)

  2. your sister banter is amazing- don't stop. i'm the eldest of three girls so i'm extra lovin' this!