April 16, 2012


Today was a great day - got some lipstick AND my jacket arrived! Let's start with the lipstick. My twin took a quick trip to Murale at lunch to get some new lip stuff. I convinced Julia to get a Clinique lipgloss because they are AWESOME and I was on the hunt for a red and a coral lipstick. I found both by Smashbox. The red is called Legendary and the coral-ish one is Melondrama. I hope they look ok on. (And they had makeup bags for under $2 so I bought 2 and a mirror).

Then, the jacket I have been waiting for since I ordered it on Etsy on the 5th. I have always wanted a black leather motorcycle jacket. Karen @ Where Did U Get That has a gorgeous vintage one in her shop but it's almost $300 and I thought that was a tad steep. I started looking on Etsy and found one for $120! Ramona has a great vintage shop (Ramona Darkness) and was SO accommodating when I asked her for some photos of the jacket on her. It fits almost perfectly (I hope I can get a sweater on under it and zip it up and the sleeves could be about an inch longer) but OMG the leather is thick and REAL and fabulous. I think this will be appearing often on this here blog. (It's 30 degrees celsius out today so all you get is a photo of it on a hanger for now).


  1. Love those beautiful lipstick shades!

  2. Should you want to ever have a great day out, and see some crazy motorcycles and get access to many leather items of all kinds, you should check out a motorcycle show. Now that ottawa has a big new convention centre, I bet there will be one before long. I bought my black and pink motorcycle jacket for $130 bucks at a show, and frankly its always quite a fun place to walk around! Early each year there is one in Toronto at the international centre, but like I said, I woudln't doubt one will appear in ottawa sooner rather than later. I could definitely see you finding some awesome boots there too.

  3. @Emily - i wore the melon one today = FAB!
    @Annie - you have a black and pink one?!?!? !!!!!!!!!!!! Good idea on the moto shows. Will keep on the lookout for some. And I'd love some moto boots too.