April 15, 2012

busy day

Today consisted of an awesome homemade breakfast, groceries, the Big Backyard & Cottage show, garden planning, park time, cooking, and a belly laugh inducing tickle fight. Apparently brushing my hair didn't make the list.

Gia noticed the photo session going on in the dining room and wanted to participate (hence the arm in the shoe shot). She ran in front of the buffet, struck a pose, then ran to the camera to see the picture. Then she said "again" and ran back for another pose. Repeat for 50 pics. 

On Jen:
Sweater: Gap (last worn here)
Jeans: Mavi
Shoes: Converse

On Gia:
all JoeFresh (I do dress her in other clothes it's just that she always seems to want in on photo fun times when she's in these jeans and a Joe top!)

1 comment:

  1. again, you've been outshone (is that a word?)
    love your sweater.