March 11, 2012

sunday breakie at the pub and errands

I don't know what's up with my scowl-y face. I need to practice smiling naturally more while taking photos of myself (which is probably why I'm scowling). Spring is here (as Jen mentioned) so there's lots to smile about. I freaking hate winter so warm weather, I'm ready for ya! BRING IT!

sweater ~ Gap
jacket ~ Danier
jeans ~ Dish (old, via Urban Trade)
sneakers ~ Aldo
purse ~ H&M
bracelets ~ actually hair elastics (I just found out) by Marc by Marc Jacobs via Holt Renfrew
ring ~ bought in Mexico


  1. Kim - if you hate winter, why do you live in Canada?!!!


    Perhaps because I've lived here (in Ottawa) my entire life and the thought of moving is...scary, or that all of my family lives here, or that I have 7 cats and moving with them would be impossible, or that I have a great, stable government job.....TAKE YOUR PICK!