March 25, 2012

sunday breakie at the pub

I have been REALLY sick all weekend coughing and snotting and not sleeping but there is no way I can pass up those garlic potatoes I love so much at the pub Sunday mornings. And featured in several of my photos below is Phoebe, the NOSIEST cat on the planet. We always say we should have named her after our old neighbour's cat, Inda. As in "inda everything". I had to include the last couple of photos because she was trying to open my freaking clutch and climb inside.

leather jacket ~ Guess
dolman top ~ bought in Mexico
boyfriend jeans ~ Zara
clutch ~ Zara
booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell pixie zip wedge via Shopbop


  1. i'm the jeans fit you in the waist or are they loose there too? i was thinking that mine were way to big for me but the fit looks like yours do. it's the waist sitting so low that i thought would be weird...and the resulting droopy butt but maybe that's the point.

  2. i seem to be about a 6 in zara pants, and these i got in a 4....because i think they are supposed to be worn REALLY big and droopy (and they almost fall off). coincidentally jeff mentioned earlier that they make me look like i have zero ass (or no shape at all really). and i like that. it's a nice break from all the skinny jeans.