March 11, 2012

so long winter

See ya snow, slush, salt stains on boots, 5 layers of clothes, hat head, static hair, and warming up the car for 15 minutes before going anywhere. Hello sunshine, hello warmth, hello grass (although you smell like dog shit)... I've missed you all so much! 

denim jacket: Garage (old)
tank & bracelets: Forever 21
jeans: Tommy Hilfiger 
shoes: Aldo (old)
necklace: Aldo


  1. Jen and Kim, I was wondering how do you take such awesome pictures of yourselves???!!! :) Do you have a helper?

  2. Today I had my husband take pics, but usually it's me, my tripod and a remote. You can usually see the remote in my hands but it's easier then setting the self timer and running across the room!

  3. I have a tripod and self-timer. No remote. I should get one. But I take most of my pics (when I'm not at work) in my dressing room which is tiny so the 10 seconds I get to pose is plenty of time.

  4. Love the necklace and is that a Larimar ring?????

  5. it is! i picked it up on my last trip to dominican republic.