March 10, 2012

saturday errands

Had to go meet a new advertiser for desire to inspire in his shop (more on that on DTI tomorrow) and run some errands. It was kind of cold today but that's not going to last very long according to the forecast. :-) I am SO ready for the 15 degrees they're calling for. I wore my new jeans today after deciding I was not going to return them. I still feel guilty for spending $300 on jeans but OMG check out the ass shot I had to include. That pocket detail alone is worth $300. Unfortunately they are maybe an inch too long but I hope that will get resolved when I wash them (although Holts hems regular priced pants for free).

sweater ~ Gap
jeans ~ Hudson Beth Baby boot cut jeans via Holt Renfrew
booties ~ Sam Edelman's Parley boot via Little Burgundy Shoes
tote ~ H&M
jewelry ~ all stuff I picked up on previous trips to Mexico


  1. $300?!?!?!? WOW. WOW. WOW. Glad you kept them cause that ass shot was a shocker. Since we have the same ass, I think I might have to put those jeans on my bday list.

  2. for the record, that included tax.

  3. these jeans look A-mazing on you!!!

  4. Thanks Vanessa!
    (I do have to work on my camera angles. This new camera is taking some getting used to....and I always appear shorter than in real life).