March 16, 2012

not so fresh

I try to take pics first thing after getting ready for the day so I'm usually pretty fresh. Not so much today. We went out after breakfast to meet some friends at a museum and within a minute of entering and realizing the line was 50 deep to pay admission (last day of march break), I started sweating. Plus today is day one of trying to get Gia on an afternoon only nap schedule which left me with a cranky toddler who didn't want to sit in her stroller for the two hour museum adventure. Then lunch time was an absolute shit show. But instead of showering again and not posting pics, I wiped the yogurt off my shirt, slapped on more lipstick, and picked the cracker crumbs out of my hair. You're welcome.

Jeans & The Doors tee: H&M
Cardigan: Gap
Boots: Verona

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