March 19, 2012

monday at the office

I really do hate not dressing for work until I actually arrive at work. I don't think I would have worn these wide-legged trouser jeans with a blouse that is the same sort of boxy shape. OOPS. Live and learn I guess. (And about a half hour after my twin sis took these photos we were standing in this exact spot looking down at the MASSIVE amount of fire trucks and HAZ-MAT vehicles parked in front of our building. Apparently there was something suspicious on the 12th floor. Half the employees took off outside because the alarm had gone off - only for the rest of us to hear the announcement that only the 12th floor had to evacuate (but they weren't let back in for 2 hrs). Some unexpected excitement on a Monday morning. Best part was when my sister got the bright idea to write HELP ME! on a piece of paper and stick it up to the window to crack up our colleagues (and everyone else looking up) outside. 

blouse ~ H&M
jeans ~  7 For All Mankind Dojo via Holt Renfrew
boots ~ Dr. Martens via Karmaloop
bracelet & ring ~ bought in Mexico

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