March 23, 2012

me, elsewhere.

A while back Jess @ The Eagle's Nest asked if I'd like to participate in a blogger style challenge to put together a look for a new mom returning to work. Fun! So I came up with a little something and tried hard to keep it mom friendly (hide the gut, cheap, and comfy). So hop on over and check out what I came up with.

I love that I'm home with my kiddo, but a teeny tiny bit envious of those who are able to get dressed in skirts and heels. If I had a reason, I'd be all over a paperbag skirt and that's why I knew I had to pick one for Jess. I'm loving these ones too.

Oasis: Denim Skirt
Emerson Fry: Paper Bag Skirt
Modcloth: Dash to Class skirt
ASOS linen midi skirt
Modcloth: Paperbag Lunch Date skirt


  1. You should wear those heels and skirts even if you and your little one are the only one who see it! That's what I do - even on days when our biggest errand is the grocery store. It makes me feel so much more glam, fun, and sexy. :)

  2. omg! you won't believe what a small world this is- i'm about to contact jess at eagle's nest to ask about her new hardware line (she lives in my los angeles neighborhood!). i had no idea you two knew each other. sooo amazing!

    love your picks for a new mom or for a cute spring look for anyone- those skirts are so forgiving:)