March 9, 2012

me day

I am off work today so I decided to have a bit of a me day. I have been trying to get into Holt Renfrew for about a week to check out their spring stock (and I've also been trying to go tanning) but work has been nuts so I figured I'd do both of those today. I was going to take pics in Holts at all the to-die-for stuff but I decided to not ask if they'd kick me out for whipping out my camera. They had a large amount of amazing Kate Spade and Marc by Marc Jacobs bags (loved this one) that I was drooling over. I unfortunately did not buy a bag. I did pick up some jewelry - including a necklace I've oogled at Holts for YEARS. 

MASSIVE pearls. FUN!!

I've been trying to find bracelets with some fluro yellow in them. Saw these cute little elastic Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets and had to have them.

Then I tried on about 10 pairs of jeans. I reeeeeeeeeally wanted some ripped, baggy boyfriend jeans but they didn't have any. I ended up getting a pair of Hudson Beth Baby boot cut jeans (16" leg opening) and they were kind of pricey, and now I'm a bit PO'd because I found them on Shopbop for about $65 cheaper.   Due to my guilt I am considering returning them but they have really cute back pocket detail that makes me look like I actually have an ass so I may decide to keep the damn things anyway (and because they're like BUTTER).

And before I forget, a book I ordered on Amazon along with some Yoga DVDs for my husband came in the mail the other day. I thought I'd include it here since it's related. I LOVE The Sartorialist

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