March 15, 2012

mama problems

Here's a warning to all those around me that I'm gonna be a whole lot less pleasant in the coming days. 
It was like a punch in the doctor told me to cut down on my coffee consumption. Seriously folks, life with a toddler requires 3 cups of coffee before 11am. Plus a few afternoon doses with friends. Apparently I have low blood pressure and that, plus my undying love of all things caffeinated, is causing unpleasant dizzy spells come late afternoon. I got me some decaf and am keeping my fingers crossed for a placebo effect.

In other doctor news, I GREW! I have finally surpassed the 5'1" mark by a little bit. Or maybe I had big hair. Either way, I felt tall, until I looked at pics of this outfit, then I realized I'm a shorty for life. Own it!

Cardigan: JoeFresh
Floral top: Urban Behavior
Tank: Le Chateau
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Globo
Jewelry: bought in Dominican Republic


  1. so glad you got stuck with mom's short genes instead of me. LOL
    cute outfit.
    good luck with the coffee thing. that would be like Dr. B. telling me to get rid of the cats. HA!

  2. Not that it will make everything better - but for "in between " drinks - mabye go to starbucks or some other store and get one of those clear platic tumblers with the drink lid and straw to help you guzzle H20 and other non-coffee beverages :)

  3. annie - that's a great idea. water always tastes better with a straw!