March 14, 2012

i still suck

It's raining and no friends are kicking around today, so I went to the mall , in yoga pants, and no one needs to see that again so soon. Everyone knows the mall is the best place to go when trying not to spend money on clothes.I returned some jeans to American Eagle that I bought on a whim and then realized I really didn't need, especially with summer coming. I think 16 pairs is quite enough.
Then I walked by SoftMoc and couldn't resist the cuteness that is these shoes. Gianna LOVES them and wanted to wear them out of the store. For $25 I had to buy them, especially because I have the high top version...matching mommy daughter shoes!!!
Chuck Taylor All-Star for Infants

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  1. AH MAH GAWD!!! I love a little kid in chucks!