March 20, 2012

i got mail

Long story of why I'm not posting outfit pics as daughter has decided that she's a big girl now and one 45 minute nap per day is all she needs. Shitty. So no longer is there a morning nap where I can take my time getting ready and snapping a few pics. I do manage to do my hair and makeup while she hangs out on the bathroom counter pretending to put on blush or lipstick. However, it is impossible to bust out the tripod while she's awake as she is too curious to not touch it, and I'm too afraid that she will send my camera flying. By the time her nap rolls around, I've got cleaning, and cooking to do and on days like today, filthy pants because my arse was used as a towel to dry the slide at the park this morning. 

Anyway, I'll try to figure something out as I learn to adjust to my new schedule.

When we came home from the park today, I was delighted that the postman left me the package I'd been waiting for. Matching shoes for Gia and I! These shoes are the comfiest things that have ever touched my feet. The baby shoes are super easy to get on, and actually fit my childs super chubby feet. Even better, is the whole "one for one" thing they have going on. 

(Kim, I didn't comment on the jacket from Zara, so be nice...I know you don't like them!)

Olive Classic Canvas TOMS
Ash Classic Canvas Tiny TOMS

7 of you said something:

  1. They will look great....ON GIA.

  2. in Argentina paid $ 5 for this shoe, footwear classic of Argentine folklore.

  3. you two will be the cutest!

  4. thanks vanessa...i'm dying to take mommy daughter outfit pics in our matching shoes.

  5. please pretty please! i'd love to see mother/daughter pics. gianna is a little doll!

  6. Just bought some TOMS and am debating about exchanging for a different size...did you go down in size, Jen? Did they stretch? I'm around a 6.5, sometimes 7, and the rare time 6...I bought a 6 but am thinking they might be a tad too small - thoughts?? They're great shoes though and Gia's are adorable :)