March 16, 2012

friday at the office

Today at work my team and I started our first official day under the direction of another group. This other group happens to be where my twin sister works. And her office is about a 15 second walk down the hall from mine. The importance of this is that I no longer have to try taking photos of myself and Julia can do it for me. I am excited. This will be SO much easier and take less time.

sweater ~ All Saints
t-shirt ~ Urban Outfitters
jeans ~ Hudson Beth Baby boot cut jeans via Holt Renfrew
booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell Nation H via Solestruck
belt ~ Banana Republic
rings & necklace ~ bought in Mexico
bracelet ~ Beaded Dreams


  1. I (obviously) have never had a problem telling you apart but I seriously thought it was Julia in the first pic.

  2. How nice must it be to work with your sister. Loved your sweater and again, the nails!