February 22, 2012

why am i bothering?

I'm not sure why i'm showing you this. Maybe it's cause it's what I actually wore and that's what this blog is all about.
It's pretty much a lazy, hope you don't see anyone day cause my nose is red and raw, i'm breaking out and makeup is not happening, and doing my hair would take energy that I cannot risk wasting.
Having said that, I'm darn proud of myself for getting out of bed and getting dressed. That's a huge improvement over yesterday!

Sweater: Wilfred Diderot Sweater via Aritzia
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Hunter Wellies via Trustfund
Tank: some crappy store


  1. Jen, thank you for keepin' it real! Great post! Hope you feel better soon:)

  2. Love the sweater! It's one of my cozy up at home ones too!!!

  3. as long as we can't see the snot, keep on posting your outfits!

  4. I love my sweater like that too (beige one). I'd love a dark one...

  5. i'm shocked people read this post! thanks girls!